Get under the skin

Of course we work hard for our clients. That goes without saying. But we make sure that extra effort translates into something meaningful. With our fresh approaches we take clients on a journey of discovery. The rewards are there for the taking.

Our services


Find the global sparkle

Things can get lost in the global melting pot – things that matter. And sometimes, when things get boiled down, they lose their colour. Our hands-on approach keeps things connected. And the way we work with some of the sharpest agencies across the globe means that, from Lurpak to World Animal Protection we reveal bigger truths. Find a universal truth and they shine.


Expose the drama in the data

For the good of clients everywhere, Voodoo is shaking up the world of quantitative research. Traditional quant lacks ambition: it takes what people say at face value. Headlights®, our proprietary online software, is dedicated to uncovering the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’. Through fresh questions, deeper analysis and playful surveys Voodoo reveals the story hiding within the numbers.


Fresh perspectives new opportunities

Qual should be more fun and engaging for everyone. Not for laughs - we know that by engaging more deeply, we spy new business opportunities. No two projects are the same, but we always work hard to capture multiple perspectives. From Confessionals, festivals and dinner party groups to simply stimulating workshops, ethno-depths and Mission shops, we do whatever it takes to get clients somewhere new.

Our Team

Founding Partner

Peter Fenton-O’Creevy

Peter spent his early career as a strategic planner in ad agencies such as McCann Erickson and Delaney Fletcher Bozell where he was on the receiving end of debriefs - some helpful, some not. Making research more useful has been a driving motivation ever since and a key reason for establishing Voodoo. Outside work he gets his thrills from skydiving, making cheese and gathering apples.

Founding Partner

Vaughan Flood

After studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford, Vaughan began a career in advertising. Here he learnt marketing discipline from Procter and Gamble and gained a deeper understanding of the vagaries of human nature. Vaughan is focussed on developing innovative approaches in an ongoing quest to help him and his clients to ‘get out of their heads’ and into the minds of the consumer.

Senior Partner

Matt Allen

You may have heard that Matt used to be an actor, but even an appearance on Richard and Judy couldn’t keep him from a career in market research. In an attempt to hold on to his ‘late-youth’ status, he can regularly be found talking to the kids - the Magic Bus is driven by him. When not researching, Matt can be found in the Highland Glens, stalking fish and supping whisky.


Natalie Swanson

After studying Social Anthropology where she developed a fascination for people, qualitative research was a natural fit for Natalie. She enjoys designing methodologies that use behavioral psychology to delve deeper into what drives consumers. Outside work, Natalie bakes cakes, goes running and has a passion for crosswords that far outweighs her ability to actually complete them.

Junior Partner

Luke Cadman

Luke's Biology degree led surprisingly smoothly in to a career in market research. After a three-year stint with YouGov in Dubai, he returned to London, committed to developing innovative and engaging ways of gathering consumer feedback. Away from the office Luke enjoys exploring the English countryside on foot, taking in the occasional country pub along the way.

Research Manager

Aneta Treskova

Studying social sciences gave Aneta plenty of experience working with people from all kinds of backgrounds. She likes to get things done and is always on the lookout to find better ways to speak to people. Outside work, you can find her on a tennis court or cycling, and afterwards in the nearest beer garden with her friends.

Research Manager

Sam Yelland

Sam's MSc in Global Migration led to a research assignment in Mexico, reaching and engaging with vulnerable sections of the population. This background set him on the research path where he works on a mix of qual and quant projects. In his spare time, Sam can be found on the hockey pitch or growing chilies in his living room.

Fieldwork manager

Lucinda Lewis

Junior Research Executive

Harriet Green

Finance Administrator

Wendy Bliss

Sometime artist, sometime project manager in France, Wendy always finds time to come into Voodoo to help make sure it’s all running smoothly and the bills are getting paid.