Supercharge your research

Looking for that fresh spark? We are. We innovate, in qual, quant and field. And we connect with the latest learnings in behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience, channelling their power into our work. In qual we get respondents fizzing. Story-telling, supercharged ethnography and our Magic Bus are just a few of the ways we capture the buzz. Most quant stops at the ‘what’. We get to the ‘why’. We spark up tracking studies, NPD, brand / comms research and more.

Our Toolkit


Quant needs a shot in the arm – and that’s what we apply. We have rethought the online survey. We deliver fresh ways of asking and a recharged mind-set. We create surveys that ask nicely – that engage, interest and beguile. We stimulate, so that people tell us more. For a deeper look click below to visit the Headlights® demo website.

Magic Bus

It's not easy getting into the heads of younger audiences. But we get privileged access by going to the places they hang out, including a range of festivals. Come rain or shine, mud or dust we make the effort all in the quest for richer feedback for our clients. Conducting research from the front-line of cultural events, we break free from the constraints of more traditional research, using spontaneous encounter sessions, filmed peer-pair interviews, and video Confessional spaces, to tap into fresh mind-sets and reap rewards for the brands we work with.

Magic Beans

A brand needs sharp definition. How sharp is yours? And what role can you play in the drama of peoples’ lives? Our Magic Beans - a ‘Myers-Briggs’ for brands – taps into deep consumer perceptions. It maps brands in ‘archetypal space’ showing where you stand versus your competitors. Interested?


Moo is Voodoo’s dedicated fieldwork arm. We do whatever it takes to find the right people. With the best respondents research is supercharged. We’ll do whatever it takes to get them.