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People present themselves in all kinds of ways. We understand that. Our focus is on finding out what lies within. Mostly, we make research more stimulating, engaging and fun. But we’ll do whatever it takes.

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Case Studies

Loverly Lurpak

Sold in 75 countries but never had a universal positioning or campaign...How could it be the champion of good food in a global marketplace when food is such a local issue? One person’s pizza is another man’s poison. We needed to find a universal truth about food as powerful in the UAE as it was in Russia. Working closely with Arla , and their creative agency – Wieden + Kennedy – and with the use of innovative ‘concept webs’ we uncovered the ‘moment of alchemy’ as the key creative idea. And the ad it underpinned has gone on to weave its own award winning magic...

Keeping DM's Kicking

An iconic brand with bold ambitions for global growth. Since 2014 we've helped to keep them on course. Fresh qual approaches - including personal DM films and in-store workshops help bring international audiences to life. Smart quant ensures we get much deeper meaning from the data. We've ensured insight is at the heart of what they do.

"Voodoo has given us a much deeper understanding of the diversity of our consumers, their behaviour and how and why they connect with the brand. Their work has shaped real decision making and strategic direction across the product, marketing and retail marketing.” — Simon Jobson, Global Marketing Director, Dr. Martens